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Role of Stablecoins like USDC in Crypto OTC Trading

Over-the-counter (OTC) trading platforms have become an essential part of the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem. OTC platforms provide a level of discretion, professionalism, and best-price execution that large institutional investors demand.
In recent years, stablecoins like USD Coin (USDC) have also gained popularity in OTC trading due to their price stability and functionality. In this article, we will explore the role of USDC in OTC trading, why it is becoming the preferred choice among professional traders, and some of the advantages and risks that come with OTC trading.

Why use USDC in OTC Trading?

USDC has become a popular stablecoin among OTC traders because of its three primary functions: trading capital, base currency for pricing, and settlement rail.
USDC Price Chart
Source: CoinMarketCap
OTC platforms use USDC as their primary trading capital and settlement instrument because it provides a more stable value than volatile cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. USDC is also used as a quote currency, which allows for more efficient pricing and settlement of trades.
Institutional investors prefer OTC platforms because of their discretion and professionalism. They offer best-price execution that isn't available on exchanges due to price slippage. USDC price stability allows OTC traders to lock in trades at a certain price without worrying about volatility while having their trades executed privately.

USDC for Efficient OTC Trading

USDC has several key features that make it suitable for OTC trading.
  • It has a rapid settlement time and low fees compared to fiat-to-crypto trades.
  • Additionally, USDC has regulatory backing and a strong reputation among professional traders.
  • With the integration of blockchain technology, USDC provides instant settlement and minimal counterparty risk.
USDC is increasingly becoming the preferred stablecoin for OTC trading due to its price stability and its regulation by reputable financial authorities. Crypto asset traders are increasingly using USDC in their portfolios as it offers the benefits of blockchain technology while mitigating the volatility associated with other cryptocurrencies.

Advantages and Risks of OTC Trading

One of the biggest advantages of OTC trading over crypto exchanges is less price slippage due to greater liquidity. This makes OTC trading useful for large institutions that need to execute trades of significant size without affecting the market price drastically. Additionally, OTC platforms offer confidentiality, allowing for trades to be executed privately and discreetly without needing to place orders on an exchange.
The key downside to OTC trading is the unpredictability of price swings. While OTC trading offers a level of price stability due to its best-price execution, there remains the risk of sudden price changes that could significantly affect the value of the traded asset. Additionally, OTC platforms face counterparty risk, as they are directly transacting with the third party. However, in recent years, regulation and standardization have reduced counterparty risk in the OTC market.


As the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem grows rapidly, OTC platforms and stablecoins like USDC are becoming increasingly important. USDC provides a level of price stability and regulation that allows for smooth OTC trading, providing traders with efficient pricing, minimal counterparty risk, and more efficient trades due to rapid settlements. While OTC trading offers the best-price execution and privacy needed to make large trades discreetly, it comes with risks associated with price swings and counterparty risk. However, with regulation and standardization, these risks are gradually being mitigated. USDC is crucial in the future of crypto asset trading due to its regulation and potential to bring more traditional traders into the crypto ecosystem.

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